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The Roman Slave Collection

The Roman Slave Collection










Contains the complete series of The Centurions and The Roman Baths:


At the defeat of Carthage, the Romans took over 50,000 slaves captive.

ROMAN DOMINANCE-With Carthage decimated, Adrasteia now belongs to Primus, but she’s vowed not to submit to her conqueror.

ROMAN PASSION-Maximus doesn’t want his new slave, but Levana will do anything to convince him to keep her.

ROMAN SEDUCTION-Antius is ready to seduce his new slave, but can Oribel handle her new master’s desires?


At Matron Vita’s private bathhouse in Rome, a patron can get more than a daily bath and exercise, if they’re willing to pay.

THE GOLD BELT-Shy Clementia seeks adventure in disguise as a Roman bath slave at Matron Vita’s and meets a man who stirs her desire, but what will happen when she approaches him?

THE SILVER BELT-Dulcea dons the silver belt to be a slave for a day, hoping to find a man who will wed her. But wearing the silver means she’s prey for any man that wants sexual services.

THE BRONZE BELT-Submissive widow Luciana seeks out a new dominant partner at Matron Vita’s bathhouse hoping to find a better husband than the greedy suitor that pursues her.

Content Warning: These short stories contains adult situations and explicit depictions of erotic sex acts intended for mature readers.

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