The Centurions Collection

The three Centurion stories gathered in one steamy collection:


The Centurions Collection

The long battle against Carthage is over and Roman Centurion Primus is excited for a different kind of fight – breaking in his new slave. Adrasteia had the perfect life ahead, marriage to a rich Carthaginian jeweler, until the Romans overthrew her city. Now she’s a slave to one of the centurions, but she’s vowed not to submit to her conqueror.


Maximus is tired of battle and just wants to sleep the carnage away before returning to Rome, but first he has to get rid of his new unwanted slave. Levana was on the brink of starvation in Carthage. Life as a Roman slave could only be better and she’ll do anything to convince her new owner to keep her.


Antius has been too long away from female companionship. With the victory over Carthage, he’s ready to seduce his beautiful new slave. As a virgin, Oribel fears her new master’s desires will be more than she can bear.

Warning: These short stories contains adult situations and explicit depictions of erotic sex acts intended for mature readers.

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